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"Dr. Halawi was really great. He explains the procedures and what is going to happen. The office staff is there every time we call. I like how he sits with the patient and explains EVERYTHING: surgery vs. no surgery. We've been to plenty of doctors before and none were like Dr. Halawi. Even after surgery, he calls and checks up on the patient. My dad is really happy with his knee surgery."

~ Elvisa Esmic


"Very helpful. Calming. I was happily impressed with Dr. Halawi. He was considerate, kind and attentive. He was very thorough with information. The information was presented in a conceptual way that I could understand from my uninformed background."

~ Alan Schwartz


"In all of my experiences in a medical setting this was by far the best in every way. Not only was Dr. Halawi extremely thorough and knowledgeable to the point where I thought he had x-ray vision, but he was kind. He smiled and laughed. I felt completely at ease and confident I was getting the right diagnosis. Everyone was excellent from the moment I stepped in."

~ Shannon Shinskie


"Dr. Halawi was my surgeon after I fell and broke my hip. My experience with him was excellent. He was great at communicating what was going on to my family. I am now about 7 months out and back to doing what I did before the fall."

~ Arlee Love


"Dr. Halawi was the greatest. He was nice. He explained everything concerning the surgery. I had surgery on my ankle. It went very well. The hospital stay was nice too. I would recommend Dr. Halawi to anyone else. He is a good doctor and very friendly."

~ Awilda Samnath


"I had my right hip replaced last year. Dr. Halawi was the surgeon. My experience during and after the surgery was excellent. I am extremely highly satisfied with the doctor patient relationship. Dr. Halawi was extremely thorough with his explanations as to what I needed to have done. He explained how the procedure was going to be done in a fashion I could understand. I was very satisfied with the care I had post surgery in the hospital. They took very good care of me even though I was only there for a day. The office staff, I am extremely fond of, both the surgical coordinator, Zackia, and the medical assistant, Marita. Everybody was extremely pleasant. They made me feel very comfortable. My pain prior to the surgery was a 10 plus and once I had the surgery and was released and went home I felt 100% better. Other than the surgical pain, the hip pain was very minimal. I felt fabulous afterward. I was unable to do anything prior to the surgery. It got to the point I couldn't even walk without screaming or crying. Now I have such a better quality of life. I can't thank Dr. Halawi enough. I am able to do most of my previous activities."

~ Catherine Gillis


"I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Halawi and his staff. They are very professional, thorough and always willing to help you. I was able to get appointments rapidly and possible solutions quickly. Would highly recommend seeing Dr. Halawi and his staff for excellent care."

~ Richard Pagani


"Dr. Halawi was the second doctor I saw for my knee. I was told I needed a full knee replacement but Dr. Halawi was the first to mention that I was a good candidate for a partial knee replacement. He took the time to go over the pros and cons of both options. I very much appreciated the time he took in all of my visits to answer all the questions I had. The surgery for partial replacement went well, follow-ups have progressed nicely. I would recommend Dr. Halawi for knee replacement procedures."

~ William Field


"I had a left total hip replacement on October 30, 2018. The info I received from Dr. Halawi was very through. I am very pleased that I no longer have pain in my left hip. I will be scheduling surgery for my right hip very soon and I am looking forward to positive results as well. Dr. Halawi is a very concerned and passionate doctor. I have faith in him and his skills."

~ Mary Morrell


"My second total hip replacement is doing WONDERFUL! What can I say? I'm not hurting anymore. I feel so good."

~ Lucille Fortier


"I was referred to Dr. Halawi for double hip replacement. In November, I had my right hip replaced and now I'm scheduling my left hip. I know I'm going to have good results with the left because I did great with my right. The doctor was very thorough with his explanation of what was going to happen with surgery. The lady that schedules everything is great."

~ Mindy Tripi


"Mom had a right total hip replacement after she broke her hip. It went tremendously well. She was up walking much faster than we expected and also a lot more mobile. The care that Dr. Halawi took was amazing. He came in on his day off. It was unbelievable! Now my mom is very mobile and getting better each day. She is way past what people thought she would be at this stage of recovery."

~ Ryan Debaise


"I would recommend anyone needing knee surgery come here. It was a great experience. Everything worked out fine. I was treated with respect, which is a big thing for me. Dr. Halawi was the best! He was very understanding. He told me what to expect. He didn't promise anything, but he told me if I did what he said everything would work out great. The results for my total knee replacement were remarkable!"

~ Don Esmail


"I have so much respect for this doctor. The best service yet. The whole team is very good. I was in so much pain before surgery. I didn't know what I was going to do. Then I had surgery and everything is so much better. My whole family is so happy that I am feeling better and able to do the things I like to do. I am enjoying life after my knee replacement."

~ Soofia Perveen


"I saw Dr. Halawi a year ago, in November 2017 because I was having a lot of pain in my left hip. I could hardly walk. I was walking with a cane, so I scheduled an appointment. He was very knowledgeable and had a good manner to him, so I went with surgery (total hip replacement). I no longer have to use the cane, and I have no pain. I couldn't really even walk around a store before this surgery. Now I can do my shopping comfortably and walk a longer distance. I would recommend him highly to other people who have this problem."

~ Mary Jane Smulski


"I want to thank Dr. Halawi for replacing my right hip. He is the person who relieved the pain I had been living with for a decade. His kind and straight forward approach is a breath of fresh air as I always felt he was putting my needs first. His work is meticulous and my surgery was completely successful despite the complexity of the procedure. I cannot recommend him more highly."

~ Richard Hawley


"I had a right knee total replacement. Dr. Halawi and the staff were a great group of people. Six weeks later at 83 years old, I am up and running! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Dr. Halawi!!"

~ Clyde Shackford


"It's a long story, but I met numerous orthopedic surgeons in both NJ and CT before finally scheduling my first knee replacement with Dr. Halawi. I am so happy and relieved that he was the doctor I used. He is caring and absolutely meticulous about everything related to the procedures. He has very strong beliefs about the protocols to follow and there is a reason for that...everything he recommends is based on research. Every question I had was fully answered and usually cited research which I found reassuring.

I had both knees replaced by Dr. Halawi (approximately 3 months apart) and I feel that I am doing well. My legs are straight, pain-free, with only some stiffness that I hope will disappear completely as I am able to perform more physically challenging activities. Thank you Dr. Halawi for all your care and specific instructions. Anyone who has you and follows your protocol should have a positive outcome."

~ Amy Scher


"I am very happy and pleased that I had Dr Halawi do my total hip replacement. When I first met with him I was in so much pain it limited my mobility. Dr Halawi was very attentive and answered all our questions. I was very confident in him and his team. The entire staff was very professional and wonderful to deal with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thank you for giving me back my lifestyle."

~ Anna Marie Cohen


"I am 61 years old and still very active. My two jobs entail extensive walking and lifting. I was averse to surgery because I believed that it would sideline me for an extended period of time. This resulted in severe hip pain for 3 years. I finally made the decision and knew I wanted UCONN to perform the operation. The department was top-notch and this was further enforced when I met with Dr. Halawi. His demeanor and confidence reassured me that everything was going to be okay. His knowledge and explanations were clear. The pre and postop were as he predicted. The surgery has allowed me to move on more quickly than I thought. It has eliminated all hip pain. I cannot say enough about Dr. Halawi. I feel great and the future is now."

~ Gary Woodfield


"I am beyond satisfied with the total hip replacement performed by Dr. Halawi! He is a great doctor, he explained everything that was going to happen and he answered any question I asked and made me feel very comfortable asking them. He is very caring and helpful. I just went in for my one year checkup. I walk about a mile and a half three to four days a week, and I'm feeling great. I'm very happy with every step along the way. The staff at the office and the staff at the hospital were great! I only wish I had the procedure done a few years earlier. I would recommend Dr. Halawi to anyone. Can't thank him and everyone involved enough."

~ Pat Edwards


"Thank you to Dr. Halawi for doing my knee replacement. He is very professional and takes his time explaining everything before and after surgery. You can count on him even after the surgery and recovery is over."

~ Luz Plaza Aponte


"I can’t say enough about this man. I thank God every day for him. He gave me hope when I had none. I had a knee replacement three years ago by another surgeon. From day one I knew something was not right from that surgery. Even though I would go back and voice my concerns I was told nothing was wrong. Three years later I couldn’t stand the pain anymore so I started looking for another doctor. No one was willing to see me because I was a potential problem. Dr Halawi agreed to take me on as his patient. I had a total knee revision. This has totally changed my life. Just to be able to perform a simple task as to walk without limping has been life changing. Dr Halawi was extremely thorough with explaining everything from start to finish. I highly recommend him."

~ Sandra Boudreau


"I'm writing on behalf of my 87 year old mother and the wonderful experience we had with Dr. Halawi. In Sept '17, my mother fell and broke her hip and wrist. Emergency partial hip replacement by Dr. Halawi resulted in her (1 year later) being coined a "rock star". At the time of surgery, he explained the procedure and the possible outcomes to me with clarity and compassion. He is professional, friendly, can relate to his patients, and is obviously a skilled surgeon. We highly recommend Dr. Halawi."

~ Lisa Butterfield


"I had severe pain in my right hip; I couldn't drive or walk. I had many difficulties getting in or out of bed. Dr. Halawi did surgery on me almost two months ago. I've been receiving my therapy and I would say I'm almost 99 percent better. I'm pain free and happy to drive, do my small shores around the house, even cook. I'm very happy with the outcome of the surgery and I recommend Dr. Halawi to those who are going through my same situation. I'm totally a different person, thanks to Dr. Halawi."

~ Gloria Jimenez Pagan


"I had a right total knee replacement done this summer. I think Dr. Halawi is a total professional. He made me feel really at ease and explained the operation completely. It was an overall good experience. Zackia was instrumental in scheduling and coordinating appointments and Marita is a great medical assistant. They were excellent and are all a definite asset to the UConn campus and team. I would highly recommend Dr. Halawi for anybody needing a knee replacement."

~ Thomas C. Curtin Sr.


"Dr. Halawi is very nice and smart. All of the staff at the hospital are kind and friendly. Before surgery I was feeling pain and not good at all. I couldn't walk or stand. Now I am walking and feeling so much better. Now I can bend and take long walks with no pain in my knee. I am happy I had surgery. I have even recommended my friend to come have his surgery here."

~ Raad Aldouri


"I had been suffering with debilitating hip pain for several months when I was referred to Dr. Halawi for treatment. I could not bear weight and could hardly walk. I needed a total hip replacement. Before surgery, Dr. Halawi explained what to expect and why, and how to get the best possible outcome by following his instructions. He is very supportive and included my sons in the conversations. He answered our questions with a gentle firmness, emphasizing that the recovery is dependent on our aftercare and positive mindset. I cannot say enough about Dr. Halawi. His surgical skills, his attitude, his demeanor and his people skills are a perfect blend. He is a skilled “master craftsman”! He has changed my life."

~ Denise Johnson


"My father Robert Mooney, age 96 and diabetic, was operated on by Dr. Halawi for a finger infection. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Halawi. We all thought our dad was going to lose his finger but Dr. Halawi saved it. My family and I think he is a very conscientious hard-working surgeon that really cares about his patients. He spoke to us in a manner that we understood, especially with my father. We love Dr. Halawi."

~ Bryna Mooney


"I put off this surgery for years because I wasn't sure about the pain after recovery, but the pain in my leg and hip affected my work and leisure so much that I couldn't hold out any longer. Then I had the surgery and the change was unbelievable! I am able to do anything I want now! Oh my goodness. All the staff were incredibly helpful and kind. The doctor explained everything thoroughly, so I really did know what was going to happen. I was fortunate enough to not even miss one day of work!!"

~ J. Colin Tucker


"I had a right knee replacement done by Dr. Halawi. Before the surgery I felt pain all the time for years. Even climbing the stairs made me hurt. It was difficult to work. I had to retire even before I wanted because of the pain. This surgery made a big difference in my life. Now I am feeling much, much better. I don't have the pain in my knee anymore. I can slip in and out of the car with ease. I am even planning to go to Jamaica!"

~ Christina Linton


"Dr Halawi did a very nice and neat job of putting 3 pins in my right femur. I followed his directions after surgery and went to physical therapy. After surgery in February, I was walking on my own without any discomfort by early July. Thank you Dr. Halawi!!"

~ Cherith Sullivan


"I was suffering from a defective left hip replacement for 3 years and it has been challenging, both physically and emotionally. I've been going back to my surgeon multiple times without any results of taking care of my issues, and it was such a welcome relief to encounter Dr. Halawi. He asked me questions and really listened to the answers, took new x-rays of the defective hip and explained his diagnosis, and walked me through the procedure, a revision of left hip. Great success."

~ Elke Miles


"Dr. Halawi is a testimonial to excellence in service and patient follow up."

~ James M. Carroll


"Before I went to see Dr. Halawi, I was experiencing terrible pain in my hip day and night. The pain in my hip was traveling to my knee and foot making me utterly disabled. The simplest the things I would do normally were very painful to do. I tried contacting an orthopedic surgeon in the Danbury, CT area, but because I have Medicaid insurance no surgeon in Danbury would accept me. The last doctor I saw suggested I try contacting UConn Health Center because they accept Medicaid insurance. Before contacting UConn, I researched the orthopedic surgeons and decided to contact Dr. Halawi. I was impressed with his experience and credentials! My surgery would be challenging to do, but Dr. Halawi said he would was willing to accept any tough challenge and succeed. His assistant Zackia Bridges helped me with my terrible experience dealing with my pre-op doctors and tests! Dr. Halawi accepted the challenge to do my hip replacement surgery! I am very Happy with the results from my surgery! Two weeks later I was already WALKING without pain in my hip, knee and foot and using the walker very little. Since my surgery, my attitude has changed for the Better and no longer am I depressed or in pain. I am looking forward to Full Recovery! Thanks to Dr. Halawi, his Assistant Zackia and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend Dr. Halawi and staff to everyone needing orthopedic surgery! Have a Rainbow Day!"

~ Ronald Kowalski


"Dr. Halawi performed a hip replacement on my 87 (88 years old tomorrow) mother recently. She had been in a great deal of pain for some time and her quality of life had become quite poor. Prior to her surgery, she needed assistance with many daily living skills. Then we met Dr. Halawi and set her surgery date. We were AMAZED! My mom was up and walking in the recovery room. Dr. Halawi told us she would be, but we were somewhat skeptical initially. We were so thrilled our skepticism was proven wrong. My mother was discharged soon after and went home. She was able to care for herself immediately. She required minimal assistance. Her pain was gone. We are so grateful."

~ Sandy Lee


"Thank God for Dr. Halawi, for having the knowledge and skills to perform my surgery. I have been suffering with both knees for several years, they had gotten so bad I could hardly walk. Finally, I had gone to a provider for my knee replacement in December of 2017, and it did not go well. Several months later I went back to correct the problem, that also did not go well. I was recommended to Dr. Halawi, he was well recommended. I had a consultation with Dr. Halawi, explaining to me and my family what he thought would be the best solution to repair my knee. Dr. Halawi knew it was going to be a long (RECONSTRUCTED) surgery, but it took longer than he thought. The surgery was on the 9th of May 2018, it was successful. I appreciate the time and kindness shown to me and my family by Dr. Halawi, his team, and staff. Now I can get back to doing some of the things I used to do. THANK YOU"

~ Anita Frierson


"I had the best experience with Dr. Halawi. He was a very interested person who listened to and responded to my every question. He was right there at any point to direct me and reassure me and my wife. Had direct contact with him several times after my surgery and always a joy to deal with. His staff is also wonderful and I would go to him in a second if I was ever in need of additional surgery. I have made a remarkable recovery and feel I will be able to do many of the things I so long wanted but could not because of my hip."

~ Mark A. Lafontaine


"To me, Dr. Halawi performed a miracle when he performed my total right hip replacement surgery in January. Because of his superior skills and his unique technique involving the injections of pain killers into the bone and softer tissues, I woke up from the anesthesia and had to ask, "Aren't you going to do the surgery?". That got a chuckle, and I was told that the surgery had been done. Yet I was not in any pain, and never experienced any pain as I recovered, either! Dr. Halawi had to insist that I quit smoking for at least two months before the surgery, and made sure that I had done so by checking the level of nicotine in my blood. He also refused to discharge me to a rehab facility, stating that you recover better at home. The team taught me to use a walker to go up and down the stairs in my condo, but I only used it for a day or two. and then used a cane for about a week (more for a feeling of security than because of a true need, I think). Dr. Halawi believes that the best way to recover is by walking, but he also encourages his patients to walk a little bit more often rather than walking alot all at once. He encourages rest, too! At my 6-week checkup, Dr. Halawi was very pleased with me and my progress, but he is the one that deserves the credit. My total right hip replacement was one of the easiest medical procedures I have ever encountered! Thank you, Dr. Halawi - YOU improved my mobility and pain level 100%. I thank God for your skill, and partnership with your patients, quite frequently. All the best to you and your team always."

~ Piper Hemphill


"I had my right total hip replacement the end Of December. Within a few Days, I had My life back. Swimming is my FAVORITE activity. This past week, I flew from CT to FL to see my youngest daughter for Mother's Day. had no problems with pain or mobility, as soon as we checked in, I was out swimming in the pool hotel in Miami, First Swim Of the year. I was able to do everything I did before, was in the ocean or pool every day, my scar hardly showed in a swimsuit, out to dinner, climbed stairs, I actually forgot about my hip surgery!! I was having fun being active and will probably have to have my other hip replaced in the future due to arthritis. The Only Surgeon I would go to is Dr. Halawi, Excellent Surgeon, Easy to talk too, I had fun on my visits to see him and his team. Being an RN, I would gladly refer to him to do your Hip or Knee Surgery!!"

~ Gingerella Boehne

Gingerella Boehne


"Upon meeting with Dr. Halawi I was impressed by his honesty. He told me what he expected of me in preparation for my knee surgery before and after the procedure. I am mostly pain free and back to walking and doing most of my activities. Thanks, Dr. Halawi"

~ Jean Preissel


"I had bad luck and good on the same day (01/31/18). The bad luck: I fell and fractured my hip. The good luck: I met Dr. Mo Halawi. Dr. Mo is a very professional Doctor/Surgeon who has the very best bed-side manner. Dr. Mo explained what was going to happen in terms a non-medical patient can and will understand. Dr. Mo exemplifies why we were born with one (1) mouth and two (2) ears. He takes the time to listen and learn and understand his patients. Dr. Mo is dedicated and wants his patients to survive the procedure and get back to one's normal life as soon as possible. I would recommend Dr. Mo to all!!!"

~ John Marks

John Marks


"It gives me great pleasure to share my experience with Dr. Halawi. He performed my knee replacement surgery in April 2018. Back in 2003, I had gotten a knee replacement surgery with another provider. Back then, it took a longer time for my swelling to heal and for me to recover. Now, 15 years later I am much older and the recovery this time was much quicker. Before my surgery, Dr. Halawi took his time to properly explain everything that he was going to do in the surgery. I felt very comfortable around him because he took his time answering my questions and he made sure that even before the surgery I would be mentally strong. He encouraged me and made sure that I wasn't feeling scared. The day of the surgery came and later in the afternoon, I even stood up and walked about 100 steps. I couldn't believe I was doing this but he helped me to prepare for this moment. I especially like his videos because I was able to use them for therapy at home. After I got discharged, I was even able to walk on the stairs and I am still shocked to see how fast my recovery process has been. Thank you to Dr. Halawi for your kind heart and everything you have done for me. The rest of his team and the staff at UCONN Health are very helpful and nice as well. I highly recommend his team for a stress-free surgery and fast recovery. I wish him all the best with his future patients."

~ Bhanubahen Patel


"My surgeon Dr. Halawi is very professional and has a great bed side manner. He calmed my pre-surgery nervousness and addressed all my questions without hesitation. He did a great job with the actual surgery. My surgically repaired hip feels much better and believe it or not I'm looking forward to having the other one repaired in short order despite my white coat syndrome nervousness. It's no joke living in pain and wish I'd gone to Dr. Halawi years ago. Thank you Doc"

~ Thomas Gordon