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Revision Knee Replacement

At times, a knee replacement can fail for various reasons and may need to be replaced again. This second operation is called revision surgery. It is a complex procedure in which all or part of the existing knee implants may be removed and replaced with new implants. Some of the common reasons for revision knee replacement are wear and/or loosening of the prosthetic components, infection, instability, bone loss around the prosthetic components, stiffness, fractures, ligament/tendon injuries, malalignment, and maltracking of the knee cap.

Below are before (left) and after (right) X-rays of a sixty-six-year-old woman who was never happy with her knee replacement which was performed only 6 months prior to her consultation. She had significant pain, deformity, and instability. Her before (left) X-rays show a malaligned tibial (shin bone) prosthesis. All implants were completely removed and the knee was reconstructed with a new knee prosthesis.

 Revision Knee Replacement  Revision Knee Replacement

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