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Failed Knee Replacement

At times, a knee replacement can fail for various reasons and may need to be revised. Some of the common reasons for failure are wear and/or loosening of the prosthetic components, infection, instability, bone loss around the prosthetic components, stiffness, fractures, ligament/tendon injuries, malalignment, and maltracking of the knee cap.

Below are before (left) and after (right) X-rays of a sixty-six-year-old woman who was never happy with her knee replacement which was performed only 6 months prior to her consultation. She had significant pain, deformity, and instability. Her before (left) X-rays show a malaligned tibial (shin bone) prosthesis. All implants were completely removed and the knee was reconstructed with a new knee prosthesis.

Failed Knee Replacement Failed knee Replacement 2